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Johnny Depp to Make a Western Movie

Couch Potato Club:
A new listing has popped up on IMDb for a film titled 1000 White Women. Not much is given about the movie other than a short plot synopsis and a couple other tidbits. Amongst those tidbits, though, is that the film is being produced by Infinitum Nihil Productions. Infinitum is Johnny Depp’s production company. Depp usually likes to work, in some capacity, on any film that his production company does.

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darklordzor4196d ago

With all that he has going on, I doubt he'll actually make an appearance in this one. He might do the producer thing, but I have a feeling any role he'll have will be a back seat.

Let's not forget the other western he's doing in The Lone Ranger movie too!

JL4195d ago

I would probably agree. Producer thing seems more likely on this one. There's also another that has popped up that he's rumored to play an on screen role in. His production company is also involved in that one, so that's potentially another role he has lined up.

I forgot all about The Lone Ranger. Though I'm wondering how much of a "Western" that one will be. I'm sure it will be "western" technically, but I'm banking more on a Hollywood action-adventure movie. More along the lines of 'Wild Wild West' than 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid'.

blur994195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

Now we really need a Bonanza movie to go along with the Lone RAnger.

blur994196d ago

The title is hilarious. Westerns are not as big as before so I think is refreshing. Clint Eastwood's westerns are some my favorite films.

-Mezzo-4195d ago

Weird name, looking forward to his work, i have never seen a Movie directed by him, He has directed 2 movies so far (If I'm Not Wrong).

JL4194d ago

He directed and starred in 'The Brave'. That's the only movie thought. But, he does have a Keith Richards documentary in the works that he's directing. Done a lot of producing though.

Sunny_D4195d ago

Wow, I guess Johnny is going for a movie in every time period in history. :p Lol, first Pirates to cowboys? Cool

blur994195d ago

Now he needs to do a movie about space travel.
Maybe a film about Mars.

Sunny_D4194d ago

Hey how about going back to the Stone Age? Yabba Dabba DOO!