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Trailer: Born to Be Wild

Couch Potato Club:
Warner Bros. have released a trailer for their upcoming IMAX 3D movie Born to Be Wild. The film is a documentary based on orphaned orangutans and elephants and their eventual release back into the wild. Born to Be Wild documents the people behind-the-scenes that care for and rescue these animals.

Born to Be Wild will be featured in 3D and will hit theaters in April of 2011.

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blur994237d ago

Documentaries like this are usually great. But I'm surprised this going to theaters and not straight to DVD or Blue-ray.

xcroptic4236d ago

Because it's time people notice that they are killing these species

-Mezzo-4236d ago

Meh, i never watch these type of documentaries.

Sunny_D4236d ago

I love these types of documentaries like National Geograhy. I love the way it relaxes you. It just gives you an moment to think about the world that's around you. To think, wow this planet is so amazing and big and we are just a tiny part of it and nothing more.

-Mezzo-4233d ago

I'm not a hater, but I never got into these documentaries, or any documentaries for that matter.

Sunny_D4236d ago

OMG! Is that the Godly voice of Morgan Freeman??? I am soo watching this movie, because of it. I loved watching the special they had on the Science channel, Into The Blackhole just for his voice. GASP*