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Disney Animation is Closing the Book on Fairy Tales

LA Times:
Once upon a time, there was a studio in Burbank that spun classic fairy tales into silver-screen gold.

But now the curtain is falling on "princess movies," which have been a part of Disney Animation's heritage since the 1937 debut of its first feature film, "Snow White." The studio's Wednesday release of "Tangled," a contemporary retelling of the Rapunzel story, will be the last fairy tale produced by Disney's animation group for the foreseeable future.

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darklordzor3956d ago

but they're not. They have released a press release statement just recently saying that what everyone's saying is false. They still have several 'fairy tale' movies in the works with plans to be released in the upcoming years.

They also said they're not sure where that rumor got started from, but it's not true.

blur993956d ago

In this age rumors snowball so much. That is why before stories should held back until there is confirmation of some type.
Also I think maybe in the past fairy tale films attracted more people, not only young people.

JL3956d ago

Hmm that's interesting. I'm still not entirely sure on this one though. Doing a search for that rebuttal saying it's not true...everything I find though leads back to some tabloid looking site. So I'm not sure if it's legit (and it's the only site that I see running that really--none of the big ones are...and no retraction on LA Times).

I'm sending an email to Disney and Pixar to see if they'll give me an official clarification to this.

-Mezzo-3955d ago

Do Update us, with the reply. =]

blur993955d ago

That is a constant problem with news on the internet. A number of sites write something sometimes its hard to separate truth from rumor. I'd wait to see more known sites confirm this.

-Mezzo-3955d ago

LA Times, is big news source, i highly doubt that they would just make this up.

Sunny_D3954d ago

But Mezzo, even big time names make mistakes. It's not the 1st time that it happened. Sometimes, they do it to get hits!

-Mezzo-3952d ago

Agreed, big names do make mistakes & in this case i hope it isn't a mistake.

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Sunny_D3954d ago

Hmmmm, I wonder if they will ever do the 3 pigs and the big bad wolf?