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Harry Potter Animation Director to Helm Dark Peter Pan Film

Couch Potato Club:
Swiss director Ben Hibon has signed on to direct a fantasy action thriller movie titled Pan for Social Capital Films and Energy Entertainment. Hibon is the same man who directed the animated sequence in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows which explained the tale of “The Deathly Hallows”. The movie is set to put a dark and sinister spin on the Peter Pan tale.

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DempseySanders4195d ago

It will be interesting on how they put a more darker sinister spin on Pan, wonder how it will be received though

-Mezzo-4195d ago

Since everything is going Dark now, why not Peter Pan, lets see how this one turns out to be.

Sunny_D4195d ago

Lol, it's the new trend. Did you know they even made the new Superman comics dark and emo to cater to the Twilight audience. I mean I can't believe the Man of Steel is going to be a sissy!

-Mezzo-4192d ago

My childhood hero is about to go EMO, damn thats a hard thing to swallow, if only Twilight would disappear.

blur994194d ago

I don't like that they are altering the story. But that seems almost common nowadays. Hopefully it will be better than Hook.