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Gael Garcia Bernal to Play Boxing Legend Roberto Duran

Couch Potato Club:
Gael Garcia Bernal has been signed on to play five-time boxing champ Roberto Duran in Hands of Stone. Roberto Duran is one of the greatest boxers of all time. He boxed 1968 (age 16) till 2002 (age 50). In 1980, he beat Sugar Ray Leonard to win the welterweight title. In one of boxing history’s more controversial moments, though, Duran quit in the middle of their rematch; resulting in the infamous “no mas” match. Hands of Stone (also Duran’s nickname) will center around that infamous match.

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blur994196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

This should be a great film. Like Raging Bull before this movie has a great character. One of the things it should include is Duran's weight problems and why he boxed way too long.

-Mezzo-4195d ago

Agreed, it sure sounds like a good film, as of now i am looking forward to 'The Fighter', looks like a great movie.

Sunny_D4194d ago

I wish they had a remake or sequel to Fight Club.

1st rule of Fight Club: Do not talk about Fight Club.

2nd rule of Fight Club: DO NOT TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB!

-Mezzo-4192d ago

No, let Fight Club stay a classic, i love that movie, you can tell that by looking at my avatar.