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The PAM-10: The “Other” Revenge Films

Player Affinity: "“The Bride,” Paul Kersey, Jack Cater: These are all household names in the realm of blood-crazed, revenge-driven vigilantes. But what about the other, less universally hailed tales of retribution? Do they not deserve some recognition every now and then? Because lets face it, I would be just as terrified to go up against anyone on this list than against those on the most notable and sinister countdown of punishers (pun intended). Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s return to action also marks the next film in the popular Hollywood tradition of ultimate satisfaction, and in that films honour, Player Affinity will count down the “other” best revenge films of all time."

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blur994325d ago

Friday the 13th is a revenge film? That was funny.

blur994324d ago

How so?
Give an example of how it is.

Leio4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

"Oldboy" can beat any movies in that list by miles :/