GameZone - The Next Three Days Review

Russel Crowe is on a mission to break out his falsely accused and imprisoned wife. Is it a blockbuster worth spending your money on, or should it be skipped?

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athmaus3131d ago

Thx for the review.....was debating on seeing this...

rezznik3130d ago

As much as I like Russel Crowe, I think I'm going to skip this movie.

-Mezzo-3130d ago

I haven't really enjoyed his last few Movies, i will definitely skip it, for now.

darklordzor3130d ago

Ugh...another bad review. I was hoping for something a little better.

-Mezzo-3129d ago

you an me both, the last Russel Crowe movie i enjoyed was "American Gangster" & that was released back in 2007, if i'm not mistaken.