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Shakefire: Tangled Review

From Shakefire: "Disney has been the leader in animated films since they started with Snow White way back in 1937. Since then, they have branched out to every genre imaginable but their Disney Princess films have had a special place in the heart of fans. Tangled marks the 50th animated feature from Disney and will be the last fairy tale film for the foreseeable future."

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darklordzor4199d ago

Hmmmm...wasn't sure what to expect from reviews. So far they all seem to be pretty mixed. For me, that means it's a rental. I wasn't that interested before, and mixed reviews aren't pushing me over the edge.

-Mezzo-4198d ago

Great score, will definitely see it, but just like "darklordzor" i might not go see it in Theaters.

Sunny_D4197d ago

Hmmm, not bad I might watch it with my niece and nephew.