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Player Affinity: The Walking Dead - Vatos Review

After last week’s episode of The Walking Dead seemed to have some logical gaps, it returned last night and mostly righted the ship, making sure to answer those questions and push the story forward a bit quicker than it was going before. The script was actually written by Robert Kirkman, the guy who writes the comic book, and it was interesting how he handled the opportunity. Instead of bringing the story closer to how he made it or even just keep it where it was, he actually added even more new stuff that we hadn’t seen before, proving that the show is concerned with creating its own identity as much as if not more than sticking to the source material. The end of the episode definitely came straight from the books, but we know now that they’re a guide rather than a bible.

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blur994326d ago

AMC is has a another great series to go along with "Mad Men".
This one reminds me of the game "Dead Rising".

-Mezzo-4325d ago

Ahh, still haven't seen a single episode of this show.