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Player Affinity: Fringe - The Abducted Review

Player Affinity: "The latest episode of Fringe, The Abducted, brings the show back to full force. After last week’s episode, which was this season’s worst one so far, I’m glad to see the show got back into rhythm quickly; the contrasts between the last two episodes shows why Fringe has had more improvement than any other show in the last six or seven years. While 6955 kHz was distant and impersonal, The Abducted had heart, tragedy, and moral dilemmas. Even the cold opening of this episode was very well done. Without a great intro to our villain, calling him Candy Man might have seemed very silly. Okay, really it was silly, since you have adults fearfully talking about someone named Candy Man, but that aside, this is one of the better villains of the show."

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