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3DTV - Worth It For Movie Buffs?

NonsenseFilm's Tom Acres writes:

'In 2009, 3D became a pretty big deal in the movie industry. Thanks to Avatar, people finally started taking the format seriously – it was no longer just for ‘kid’s animation movies’ and it wasn’t just made up of ‘cheap and tacky effects’. Say what you like about James Cameron’s land of giant blue dudes, the 3D effects in that behemoth of a film were quite stunning.

Almost a year later and 3D has exploded on the cinema screens, the popularity of 3D has seen it expand into gaming with the impressive looking Nintendo 3DS and a stunning array of PlayStation 3 titles. Watching movies at the cinema or playing a game is often seen as a ’special treat’, a quick way to pass a few hours and have a good time. Watching TV is far more common; here in the UK we watch plenty of live sport, documentaries, films, music concerts and plenty else. How about all that in 3D?'

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Sunny_D4195d ago

I think if you are a true movie buff, then you will get the latest tech that will enhance your viewing pleasure. Although, if 3dTv comes out without a need for glasses, then they might want to wait.

JL4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

I think your hardcore cinephiles will want to jump on the bandwagon (and those with money to throw around). But honestly, Sony and Samsung both I'm pretty sure are working on glasses-less 3D TVs, so I'd say most are better off waiting.

Hell, a lot of people haven't even made the jump to just HDTV yet.

I think the bigger advocate for 3D TVs is the video game industry. That will be the one to really push those TVs right now, more so than movies, I think. Or at least the combination of the two. Either way, the prices definitely need to come down much more before we start seeing a mass transit to that format.

As for movie buffs, I don't really see there being that huge of an advantage to the format. For me, yes there are advantages and it's cool, but on the other hand wearing glasses just makes it "annoying" at times.

darklordzor4193d ago

I wouldn't say if you're a 'true' movie buff. Believe me, anyone could be a movie buff, but that doesn't mean they jump on the latest things. The definition of a movie buff is someone who loves films.

You could have an old fat TV hooked up to a VCR and still love films just as much as a guy with the latest 3D TV. I love movies and so choose to try and view it in the best way possible, but if I didn't have the money to do so, that wouldn't make me any less of a movie fanatic.

blur994194d ago

Right now 3D tv sets are way too much. Movie buffs are going to have to wait for that.

Sunny_D4194d ago

You might be right. But, that's what movie buffs do. They try to get the best viewing experience for the price of their bank account.

blur994192d ago

That is the way to go with the lofty prices of 3D tv's and the 3D glasses.

-Mezzo-4193d ago

Exactly, like i am, where i live a 42' 3DTV costs around $1800+.

-Mezzo-4193d ago

I am a big Movie Buff, but i can't afford a 3DTV, for the time being i'm quite happy with my 1080P LCD TV.

Plus it's almost confirmed that glassless 3DTV will hit markets in 2014/2015, it's almost pointless to get one now.

darklordzor4193d ago

3D sets are too much, and with them talking about coming out with TVs that won't require glasses, I don't see the point in getting them now. I haven't really been thrilled by any 3D movie I've seen, and the selection on Blu-ray is pretty pitiful. Now is not the time.

-Mezzo-4192d ago

Agreed, even if you can afford it, it's just not worth it, YET.

Money-Mike4193d ago

I agree, now is not the time to invest...the tech is still in its' infancy. I'm a huge movie buff and frankly I can't wait to make the jump, but definitely not at these prices. By the way, who confirmed that glassless 3D would be marketable by 2014? By 2014, the industry would have the 'know-how' to efficiently present 3D from all angles without glasses, but heck, do you know how much that's going to cost. Personally I see nothing wrong with the glasses besides the outrageous price. But don't hold your breath for glassless 3D anytime soon.

blur994193d ago

I think if they could have 3D without the glasses they should have just waited until then to sell 3D tv's.

-Mezzo-4192d ago

Panasonic & Samsung both confirmed that, i read a Story submission on