Green Lantern Comic Offers First Look at Villain Parallax from the Film

As part of the Green Lantern's film promotion, images from the movie have been appearing in the regular run of the comic. This month's picture gives fans their first look at the terrifying villain Parallax and how he'll appear in the film.

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blur994569d ago

Then that means there are at least 2 villains so far in the movie.
The trailer had Sinestro in it.

Sunny_D4569d ago

Maybe, Sinestro will be a good guy in this one and become evil in the sequels?

-Mezzo-4569d ago

More Villains More Fun.

Sunny_D4568d ago

Not always, Mezzo. I still hate Spider man 3. It was such a mess and I hate how they barely gave any screen time to Venom.

ultramoot4569d ago

This movie set was before Sinestro went rogue. Hector Hammond is the villain. It's loosely based on Secret Origins.

blur994568d ago

Maybe it might also show him leaving the Lanterns after being a member. That is what happened in the First Flight movie.

darklordzor4569d ago

Yep, Sinestro isn't a bad guy in this film. In the early days, Sinestro was actually Hal Jordan's trainer when he first joined the corps. He only went bad after he got kicked out.

Hector Hammond is the main bad guy in this one, but he's supposed to become infected by Parallax. So really it's 2 bad guys but they share a 1.

-Mezzo-4569d ago

Never been into the Comics, but certainly looking forward to this movie.

DempseySanders4568d ago

I like the fact that Sinestro won't be the villain yet, will make for a more interesting sequel, Parallax looks cool

-Mezzo-4568d ago

That isn't a mystery we all know that there will be a sequel to this.

Sunny_D4568d ago

Lol all comic movies get sequels unless they bomb at the box office.

blur994568d ago

Green Lantern is a great character I hope there are more films if this one is good.

-Mezzo-4568d ago

I pretty sure they will give this franchise another go after this one, even if it flops.

Sunny_D4563d ago

Kind of like the Hulk? Although, that was a brand new reboot from the original 2003 movie.