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Nerd Reactor Review: A Legend is Born in the Epic Tale of Cowboys vs Ninja in The Warrior’s Way

The Warrior’s Way is a genre bending action thrill ride that incorporates all the great qualities of Spaghetti Westerns and Samurai films that we know and love. International Superstar Jang Dong Gun plays The Warrior, an emotionless assassin entrusted with the task of wiping out the remaining members of his rival clan. When he comes across the last remaining member, he can’t bring himself to kill her, as she is a baby girl. He then finds himself being hunted down by his own clan for treason. Forced into exile, he journeys into the unknown land of the far west to the ghost town of Lode where the epic tale begins.

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Sunny_D4205d ago

Oh wow, a perfect score. I never heard of this movie. I guess I better look it up.

-Mezzo-4203d ago

I never heard of it as well, but a perfect score is good enough for me to watch it.

darklordzor4204d ago

Can't wait to see this one. It looks very ridiculous, but in all of the right kinds of ways. Very anxious to see how it pays off...good reviews always help!