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Player Affinity- The Next Three Days Review

The last three years, the last three months, and the last three days are presented in regularly identified acts of Russell Crowe’s latest thriller The Next Three Days. It’s your typical action thriller with a central character on the run who must beat the odds to escape. In this case it is John Brennan (Russell Crowe) who decides after three years of fighting through the court system to help his wife Lara (Elizabeth Banks) beat a murder conviction to spring her from prison. The thriller packs a punch but is inevitably both generic and preposterous. Albeit entertaining, The Next Three Days is ultimately forgettable.

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Sunny_D4327d ago

Lol, wow this is terrible. Funny they were trying to pit it against Harry Potter. Harry Potter actually got goof reviews. Hehehe.

darklordzor4326d ago

Anything that would have gone against Harry Potter would have lost...but they could have at least tried. Maybe they were thinking it's best to put a bad movie against Potter than one which could actually make some money.

-Mezzo-4325d ago

Last couple of movies from Russel Crowe has been not all that good & i also didn't expected this to be all that good, I'm not surprised with it's low review scores.