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Brand New Trailer For Duncan Jones' Source Code

Today a brand new trailer has been released for the new film from Duncan Jones, director of Moon. Source Code, a sci-fi thriller, stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Vera Farmiga

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-Mezzo-4585d ago

Looks interesting, well every trailer looks interesting, though who else has heard about this movie for the first time.

Sunny_D4584d ago

I have. I kind of like watching Jake Gyllenhaal movies, because of Donnie Darko.

-Mezzo-4583d ago

I really like his work in Donnie Darko, it was a weird film, i really didn,t understood it the first time. lol

blur994579d ago

Kinda reminds me of the show Quantum Leap. Jake Gyllenhaal is a good actor.

-Mezzo-4579d ago

The only movie of his that i really like is Donnie Darko.,