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First Image of Karl Urban as 'Dredd' Hits Online

The first image of Karl Urban as Judge Dredd in the Pete Travis-directed remake/readaptation of the sci-fi comic series (itled simply 'Dredd') has found its way online. It seems to have been made public by Jock, the comic book artist who is also working on the film as one of its concept artists, and is, according to, a shot taken from rehearsals. So, don't judge the film by the lighting or the location, take it simply as your first look at Karl Urban as a futuristic police officer, judge, jury and executioner.

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OnScreen4327d ago

I think the costume looks way better than the 95 film. Karl fills the suit well, and those who say that the helmet is too big are wrong. The helmet is meant to protect his head on and off the bike. It's not a fashion accessory!

GodsHand4327d ago

I never broke the LAW, I AM THE LAW!

Sunny_D4327d ago

^Lol. I remember that! Bubbles+

darklordzor4326d ago

I don't know. This is one time where I feel the original film's costume actually was closer to the comic. Maybe they're going for something more 'realistic' but it doesn't jive with the comic. That and it looks like Urban is a kid wearing his daddy's helmet.

darklordzor4326d ago

I know I'm not alone here in thinking this looks an awful lot like a fan film. Nothing about this is inspiring confidence.

blur994325d ago

My avatar is a Marvel character and I like films based on comics.
I think this version of Dredd is more edgy and better than the original film.