EXCLUSIVE: 'Family Guy's 'Return of the Jedi' Parody Trailer (Video)

From THR:

It's here and it's not a trap.

Below is the trailer for Family Guy's long-awaited Return of the Jedi parody.

Studio 20th Century Fox screened a hilarious nine minutes of this at Comic-Con and we've been after it ever since. Here's a 90-second version that plays close to a shot-by-shot remake of the original Empire trailer.

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darklordzor3601d ago

There's actually a way better trailer that just hit iTunes as well.

-Mezzo-3600d ago

Thanks for sharing, bubbled up.

Sunny_D3601d ago

LMAO! I think the characters really fit well with the Star Wars cast. Lol, except for the fish that says It's a Trap! They should have got Cleveland to play the role.

darklordzor3599d ago

Yeah, I don't like Kraus (or however they spell it) in the role. They've kept Cleveland as R2 since the first parody so I'm glad they are keeping all of those roles in tact. This one looks great...Too bad they won't do the Prequels.

blur993601d ago

A dog as Chewwy that is funny. Family Guy works well as a Star Wars version.

-Mezzo-3600d ago

Agreed, i havent wacted much of Family Guy, but will not miss this.