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Cerebral Pop Movie Review: Morning Glory

Jon Cole writes: There's something truly refreshing about a modern comedic film that isn't either targeted solely to the 16-21 demographic or can be classified a romantic-comedy (possibly starring someone like Katherine Heigl). Furthermore, there's something refreshing about a comedy that has real, mounting stakes that propel the plot forward in an organic way. Somehow, all of these things came together in a film that wasn't really on my radar due to a somewhat unimpressive trailer, namely Morning Glory.

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jnune094203d ago

I always feel weird about watching romantic comedies about an older couple. But this one looks pretty good.

blur994203d ago

I think Harrison Ford And Diane Keaton should be able to do that without seeming awkward. It is unusual to see older stars play roles in romantic comedies.

-Mezzo-4203d ago

I honestly suggest you stay away from this one, i really didn't enjoy this.

acronkyoung4202d ago

We make sure to always use the whole scale when reviewing. 3 is average, 4 is good, 5 is excellent. Jon apparently found some enjoyment out of this movie, so 4 is a natural score to give it.

-Mezzo-4202d ago

Well, ofcourse, i understand that it the reviewers score, he gave it 4 because he felt it was worth it, i was just saying generaly, that i didn't like it.


blur994199d ago

That score is probably right with the talented cast.
And it seems like this film is more original than most.