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Couch Potato Club Review: Megamind

Couch Potato Club:
Megamind should provide a fun time for the kids (younger and older alike) and even give parents moments of entertainment and good laughs. It’s a fun, if unremarkable, movie that provides just enough to be diverting and result in a good time for all ages. While providing some good laughs at the hands of Will Ferrell’s wisecracks, Megamind doesn’t manage to be as funny as it could have been. It does entertain, though, making it a good movie to pass the time. However, it won’t be a movie that you’ll be revisiting for repeat viewings.

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blur994199d ago

I didn't think about Megamind being similar to the Incredibles but you're right. From what I've seen from the clips it doesn't have its quality though.

-Mezzo-4198d ago

Still haven't seen this, but the trailers sure look funny.