Toy Story 3 is Best-Selling DVD for Second Week in a Row

Couch Potato Club:
Rentrak has announced the best-selling and most rented DVDs for the week ending November 14, 2010. The Adam Sandler comedy Grown Ups did quite well. However, Toy Story 3 remains king as the final movie in the Pixar trilogy remains at the top of the best-selling list for the second week in the row.

Newcomers Ramona and Beezus, Charlie St. Cloud and Scott Pilgrim also fared well enough, with Scott Pilgrim being the less-received of the three.

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darklordzor4199d ago

Wow, that's not always common for DVD releases to outsell the new stuff for a second week. Normally everyone buys it when it first comes out, and then moves on in the next week. Bully for them! It's worth it.

-Mezzo-4198d ago

Agreed, but id like to see Scott Pilgrim & How To Train Yiur Dragon do much better, as they truly desrve it.

Sunny_D4198d ago

I think it's well deserved. Toy Story will always be awesome.

-Mezzo-4197d ago

Agreed, but i think that the first 2 films were far more enjoyable than the third one. im not saying that third isnt good, thirsd was amazingly fun,

blur994194d ago

Toy Story is one of the oldest CG animated films or series and it looks like it still is very popular with film watchers.

-Mezzo-4194d ago

I was around 9 when i saw the first one & i still love it.

blur994193d ago

Most people feel the same way. Its a classic.