NERDSociety: Blu-Ray Avatar Extended Collector's Edition Review - With Avatar’s theatrical cut, you got a movie with great CG and a predictable story. It reminded NERDSociety too much of Last Samurai, including the love story and side characters. While it was entertaining, NERDSociety was disappointed with it because director James Cameron can do so much better. This is the man that made you root for a robot in Terminator 2 for crying out loud. A ROBOT!

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-Mezzo-4197d ago

I never understood that why didthis movie received so much praise from each & everyone who saw it, i really didn't liked it that much, well i enjoyed watching it in 3d but i never felt like watching it again, i have friends who were crazy about this movie, they even went to watch it when the Extended version was released.

Though i do have the regular version Blu-Ray disc of this mobie, well not exaxtly me but my brother has it.

blur994194d ago

I think all the extras added really make this a worthy item for fans of the movie.
And 3 discs for only $20 is a bargain.

-Mezzo-4194d ago

I would have bought the extended Version, but now that i have the Regular version i don't think it's worth paying more for.

blur994193d ago

You mean your brother has it.

-Mezzo-4193d ago

YUP, my brother has it & we both live in the same house. =]... so i don't see the need of buying another one.

blur994192d ago

Thanks for clearing that up.