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The giant monsters movie genre, at least in the most nostalgic terms, is nearly extinct. Sure, Peter Jackson’s King Kong was pretty good. And Cloverfield saw a good bit of success financially and critically. But it seems as if the movie-going public’s imagination is uncapturable, by any good measure, by the idea of enormous, loud, dangerous creature. Now we come to Monsters, how does it hold up? We Got This Covered answers the question

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darklordzor4199d ago

I love monster movies! That's why I grew up on and I can't wait to see this film. King Kong, wasn't really a monster movie in this type of sense though. At least the remake wasn't. It was a much deeper story than that. Cloverfield was great, and Super 8 can't get here fast enough. Glad to hear Monsters was worth it.

-Mezzo-4198d ago

Ahh this is great, i had a bad feeling that this one would no suceed but, it did according to the reviews, just cant wait to see it myself.

Sunny_D4198d ago

Well, if it's getting good reviews, I'm all for it! I will definitely check into this.

-Mezzo-4197d ago

You and me both, i cannot wait to see it, but i will have to wait about 2 weeks anyway, that when threater around me will start playing it,

blur994194d ago

I enjoy monster films. This one sounds good. But I think the reviewer put a spoiler by saying how it ended without getting into specifics.

-Mezzo-4194d ago

Now you spoiled it for me. lol

blur994193d ago

I was saying the article described it wouldn't but didn't say the ending.