On Screen Review: Paranormal Activity 2

Tod Williams picks up where Oren Peli left off in the sequel/prequel to 2009s sleeper hit Paranormal Activity.

The story takes us back a few months prior to the first films events where another home is being haunted by a violent presence.

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OnScreen4207d ago

I'm not sure about this sequel/prequel. I wasn't happy to find out that they want to make a 3rd film.

-Mezzo-4206d ago

i saw it yesterday, and i really enjoyed it, though not as good as the first one.

Sunny_D4206d ago

Wow, I thought the movie was getting decent reviews. This is the first time I saw a bad score for it.

Soldierone4206d ago

Its only the second review posted here with a bad score, the other 10 or 20 loved it. The movie was fantastic, its fun to watch.

Sunny_D4205d ago

That's good to know that it won't be bad then.

-Mezzo-4205d ago

Agreed, it was a great movie, i was not dissapointed at all, though i still believe that it wasnt as good as the first one.

OnScreen4206d ago

I guess we are part of the minority then. Oh well...

p.s. please approve the video! :-)

-Mezzo-4205d ago

Everyone has their own opinnion/taste, :)