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Emily Mortimer and Jason Isaacs Join Cars 2

A couple new casting notes on Cars 2 have been released. Jason Isaacs and Emily Mortimer have joined the cast of the upcoming film.

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-Mezzo-3963d ago

Eagerly awaiting this movie, i just hope it good & not like Shrek 3

darklordzor3963d ago

Is it bad that I'm still having trouble getting excited for this movie? I liked the first film, but just haven't been interested at all in this one. The pictures are ok, the trailers weren't terrible, but nothing has really captured my interest on it.

-Mezzo-3960d ago

Hopefully it'll succeed in capturing your interest when more Details are released.

blur993957d ago

Usually I'm really into Pixar films but Cars seems dull to me.
Bug's Life is my favorite Pixar film.