GameZone - Skyline Review

Skyline, the movie compared to Independence Day with flashy CGI has been unleashed. Does it deliver high intensity thrills, or is it all flash, but no substance?

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athmaus3595d ago

i knew to pass on this movie

rezznik3595d ago

Sigh, I had hoped the film would have been at least as entertaining as id4.

-Mezzo-3595d ago

id4 Which movie ia that.

-Mezzo-3595d ago

I really had high hope for thia movie & thought that it might actually be good, but people who have already seen it says otherwise.

Sunny_D3594d ago

Meh, I knew the movie was going to suck from the get go. Just like 2012.

visualb3593d ago

too many alien movies + blue special effects recently <_<

-Mezzo-3593d ago

i dont mind too many Alien films, if they're good.