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Moultrie News | Good Special Effects Do Not Guarantee A Good Movie (Skyline Review)

Nick Schuler of Moultrie News says:

"I didn't care much for Skyline. It was by all means a bad movie. It hinged its entire existence on the idea that a movie can justify itself by the merits of its special effects alone, which simply isn't true. It's a movie with a great deal of pretension behind it, and the only thing worse than a pretentious movie is an unjustified one."

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darklordzor4249d ago

I'm not sure why this review makes this sound like a new's a concept we've learned time and time again, since VFX were born.

blur994248d ago

In fact special effects hurt movies at times. The other aspects of a film are not given the effort that's needed.

-Mezzo-4248d ago

i sure enjoy good special effects, they're fun to watch, but never have i seen a movie just for special effects, which is why i didn' enjoyed, Avatar, it ha nothing besides Special Effects.

I was looking forward to this movie, but im sure i wont see it anymore.

Soldierone4248d ago

Watch the extended trailer, the acting is terrible. Its new actors, so they need a good director. Nothing of which was availible. Dont bother seeing it.

I also agree with the Avatar commment.

-Mezzo-4242d ago

I'll see the extended clips & just forget about it. :P

Sunny_D4248d ago

Good special effects??? This movie has anything, BUT good special effects. When I look at other movies like Tron, Avatar, etc... Those I think of as good CGI movies.

Soldierone4248d ago

Simple fact ive been trying to hammer home for a while now. Transformers isn't the strongest script and the visuals are amazing, but it still got away with it for being decent story wise.

When making a movie you have to ask, if this film was released before the visuals were possible would it still be entertaining and watchable? In this case, not at all, in Avatars case why bother?

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