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Amazon Gets Into Movie Production With Amazon Studios; Signs Deal with Warner Bros

Couch Potato Club:
Amazon have announced they are throwing their hat into the movie making business. The e-commerce giant announced the formation of a new program Amazon Studios. Through this new program, screenwriters and filmmakers will be allowed to submit scripts or movies to Amazon. If the project gets enough support, Amazon will step in to help get the movie made for the aspiring filmmakers. In an effort to do this, Amazon has signed a first-look deal with Warner Bros. Any script or movie Amazon picks up will first be looked at by WB. If Warner Bros passes, then Amazon will seek out other studios to support the project.

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OnScreen3965d ago

Is nothing sacred anymore?

darklordzor3965d ago

I just don't see this really working well...why not just leave it to the traditional studios? Seems an odd move and perhaps over-stretching themselves.

Soldierone3964d ago

Well Sony did the same thing. Now look at them.

Amazon is a massive company that is run extremely well. I see it doing fine, if anythinng it just wont succeed and Amazon will go find something else to expand into.

-Mezzo-3964d ago

Yup, i agree with you, i really love Amazon & i really belive that they can really work well here.

JL3964d ago

I really didn't expect any negative feedback about this. I don't see the problem. Definitely not to the point that OnScreen makes the sacred comment.

I think this is really good for aspiring filmmakers. Basically, Amazon is simply using its power and connections to provide resources for aspiring filmmakers. They're just playing middle-man essentially so those people that otherwise wouldn't be able to do so, can potentially realize their dreams with Amazon helping to connect them to those resources they need.

I think Amazon is pretty awesome and this just makes them even more so.

Solider, definitely good luck if you venture into this.

Soldierone3964d ago

I wonder if this is a prime slot for us new people to try and get in? Since they are new they should be more open, so im gonna try my luck

-Mezzo-3964d ago

Agreed, and sunce they are new it would be fairly easy to get in.

Soldierone3964d ago

Im going at this head on, so ill let you know what happens.

blur993964d ago

Best wishes.
If you become a big director then don't forget the people who gave you encouragement.

-Mezzo-3963d ago

lol, dont forget me either, im fairly good looking, lol,

-Mezzo-3963d ago

my best wishes are with you buddy.

blur993964d ago

There is first film could about be how an Internet startup grew to a major retailer and a movie studio.

Soldierone3963d ago

Wow, you guys are awesome! Thanks for the support lol.

I have one script Im working on right now with someone, but ill be uploading a finished script either today or tomorrow to see what it does. If anyone wants to read them and help with critical feedback it would be much appreciated!

blur993962d ago

Pursuing one's dreams is always a good thing. Try to research scriptwriting for some ideas as well.

Soldierone3961d ago

I currently have a script uploaded there if anyone is interested in checking it out.