Techperspec’s Most Anticipated Movies of 2011

Techperspec staff is so excited about the upcoming movies releasing in 2011, a decision was made to compile a list of the top 20 movies TechPerSpec believes are the most anticipated of 2011.

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blur994200d ago

I thought Harry Potter's finale would top that list. Maybe it will come close to joining the highest grossing films ever.
That list is loaded with comic book based films. I am looking forward to all of them especially Thor and the Green Lantern.

Deadyeti4200d ago

I am a big Comic book movie fan, and next year's lineup is sure going to be epic. I know I am going to go broke seeing these movies...

-Mezzo-4200d ago

You and me both pal, Captain America, Greent Hornet, Tranformers, are going to be awesome.

blur994198d ago

I am a big comic fan too. It is the biggest season for comic based films ever. I hope they all can pull off good movies.

-Mezzo-4200d ago

Ill see all of them, not doubt, but the ones i am looking forward are all the comedy ones specially, Hangover 2 & Hall Pass.