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Player Affinity: Weeds - Theoretical Love is Not Dead Review

Player Affinity writes: "I know I’ve often complained about the purpose and direction of this season of Weeds in these recaps, but I have to admit in the end that it turned out to be a good one, definitely the show’s best since it left Agrestic."

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Soldierone4209d ago

Personally I think this is one of the better shows on TV ive been watching it since it got put on Netflix. They have alot of deep story writing, and do things other shows have forgotten about to keep you addicted.

-Mezzo-4209d ago

Im not a rupegular viewer of this show, but the ones that i have been able to see were fun, which is why i cannot agree or disagree with you at this point. :)

blur994208d ago

Its funny you use the words "addicted" to describe Weeds.
It surely takes good writing to keep a show with this plot going.