Official Cars 2 Trailer Reveals Michael Caine

Couch Potato Club:
Disney and Pixar have released the first trailer for the upcoming animated sequel Cars 2. While not terribly impressive it does look to be mildly entertaining. With a whole slew of new characters, also, the movie could prove to be as charming as the first. Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy return as Lightning McQueen and Mater. Joining them, though, are an array of newcomers. Amongst those newcomers: legendary Michael Caine.

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darklordzor4400d ago

I guess it's way better than what we got out of the Teaser Trailer. I'm getting hopeful for this movie, but I'm still not overly impressed. I really want it to be good though.

-Mezzo-4399d ago

I always expected this to be good, i always hate teasers. but this looks awesome.

JL4399d ago

I'm not overly impressed either, but I am interested. With Cars I always thought the appeal was the characters, a trailer (especially one like this) just doesn't allow for one to get into the characters so much. So I'll try not to pass too much judgment based on the trailer alone. Does look a bit entertaining though.

blur994391d ago

I really liked animated films but Cars never really sparked my interest.