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On Screen Review: Deathly Hallows Part 1

Harry (Daniel Radcliffe), Ron (Rupert Grint) and Hermione (Emma Watson) have reached the climax of their magical journey in the first part of the final installment into the global phenomenon that is Harry Potter.

Voldemort's (Ralph Feinnes) army has mounted a full scale assault against both the muggle and magical world. Death Eaters swarm the sky whilst our heroic trio clamber to find the remaining horcruxes.

Directed once again by David Yates, the tone of the film slips further into darkness as our heroes' continue their fight against the ultimate evil.

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OnScreen4211d ago

Who is sad to see this one go?

darklordzor4211d ago

What do you mean by 'see it go?' Seems an odd question.

darklordzor4211d ago

Looking forward to this movie so much! I'm glad to see all of the reviews coming out positive. With how bad ass the footage has been I was worried that somehow we'd be getting all these terrible reviews.

OnScreen4211d ago

What I meant is that it's the end of an era in fantasy cinema. It was a great film, some felt the VFX weren't up to scratch, but I think it all came out just fine.

darklordzor4211d ago

Oh okay! That's what I thought you meant but I had to be sure. I'm surprised to hear anyone saying the VFX weren't up to snuff, since Potter films are normally at the top of the technology tree.

It will be sad to see it go, but we still got one more before we have to say goodbye completely!

-Mezzo-4210d ago

Nope this is the last 1 , or am i wrong?............... Goooooooooooogle....

blur994211d ago

Seeing these clips and good reviews is making me more interested in the series. I have only seen the first one.

Sunny_D4210d ago

Me too. I like that this one will seem more adventorous compared to the lasy Harry Potter movie that came out.

-Mezzo-4210d ago

I havent even seen the first one, but much like you this one me quiet interested in it.

OnScreen4211d ago

Only the first one!?

Best you rent the rest before you see this one... I love the films. They are all good in their own way.

-Mezzo-4210d ago

What you said, i have never been into Harry Potter movies before, but since i am intrested in this one, ill be renting all the old ones before i see this one.

blur994210d ago

That is some feat considering there are so many books/movies and they pulled it off so well and with different directors.
They are showing a few of the movies on ABC Family Channel. I'll take a look at them.