Ruairi Robinson’s Bad Robot Upgrades to Blinky™ and Gets Teaser Trailer

Couch Potato Club:
Last year, Ruairi Robinson released a concept video for an upcoming sci-fi movie of his titled Bad Robot. Since then, we’ve heard nothing about the movie. Now, though, he’s released a new teaser trailer for the movie. Along with the trailer, also comes a new name: Blinky™ (yes, that TM is part of the title).

Blinky™ is the story of a boy and his robot. After the robot friends become a craze, the little boy wants one of his own that soon becomes his best friend. According to this eerie trailer, though, seemingly not everything is as it appears with the smiling little robot friend.

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darklordzor4202d ago

I'm so insanely intrigued by this movie now, but I can't even place why exactly I'm creeped out. It's tension building at it's best and it looks like a great bit of filmmaking just within this trailer. Can't wait to learn more!

JL4202d ago

Yea, I'm not sure entirely what it is that creeps me out about this either. Nothing happens really. But still there's this sense of forboding or something. I think the music helps with it, but still something about that robot creeps the hell out of me too.

Sunny_D4200d ago

Hmmm, very interesting movie. But, seems weird when a robot is just smiling at you every single time. Like a clown. 0_0