First Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Teaser Poster Goes Metal

From Cinemablend:

The first teaser poster for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides has popped up online and, it looks a lot like every other Pirates of the Caribbean poster. They’ve resurrected the same skull and crossbones used to market the first two Pirates movies, only this time the dead fellow seems to have had his bones cast in silver.

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darklordzor3966d ago

Cowboys and Aliens poster is pretty slick looking. Liking the style and iconic look for the poster. Pirates poster is...well, exactly what you'd expect. I'm interested in why it's metallic now, and what that has to do with the story though.

Sunny_D3966d ago

Sweet! I loved the Pirates movie. I really would love to see another 1. As long as the cast are the same.

darklordzor3966d ago

Well...all of the returning characters are the same, but this movie will feature a very new cast of characters. Elizabeth and Will Turner won't be in this film, so it depends on what you mean by 'as long as the cast are the same'.

Sunny_D3965d ago

I mean like in Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, etc.. will be still in the movie. The same actors playing the same role.

-Mezzo-3965d ago

They all are a nice fit in their roles, but an addition would be nice.

blur993966d ago

The silver look makes it more eye-catching than the older poster. I like the addition of gold teeth and the beard too.

-Mezzo-3966d ago

Poster, is good, i hope the movies is good as weel, i didnt enjoyed the last one, the first 2 were great. but 3rd was a dissapointment.

According to me, the second is the best of them all.

darklordzor3966d ago

Agreed. The second one set up so many interesting plot points and and incredibly deep story....then the third film did absolutely nothing with them. I feel Disney is more to blame for that, by stepping in and making them adjust the story in order to accommodate for a sequel.

blur993965d ago

Disney has mad this their big Summer release so I'm expecting them to be really "creative" with the story.
We are probably going to see Jack Sparrow's grandson as the star.

-Mezzo-3965d ago

Agreed, but i hope this isn,t a mess.