President Clinton Joins The Hangover 2 According to reports that President Clinton has joined the cast of The Hangover 2 and shot a brief scene this weekend in Thailand. Look for trhe film in 2011.

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-Mezzo-2898d ago

What Tha.........? this would be weird & fun, i hope it true. i hope he plays a pot smoking hppiy's role.LOL

Garethvk2897d ago

Its been confirmed by us as well as several other sites.

darklordzor2897d ago

Hmmm....This could be interesting and fun. I just hope they don't over do it with him though. Mostly I'm surprised he would agree to doing something in the film, or that he would be allowed to.

blur992897d ago

The president is always looking for some camera time.
He is pretty at being in front a camera.
He is as charismatic as any actor.