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First Green Lantern Footage

The first footage for Green Lantern has been released. Up until now, there have only been a few pictures released for the film. Now Entertainment Tonight has released some new footage. Check it out here.

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Sunny_D3802d ago

Wow, is it me or does this movie look cheesy already? It kind of seems like they are going for the fast paced action and explosions that is found in the Ironman movies.

blur993801d ago

That is the formula. Lots of glitz but not so much quality. I like the recent Lantern animated film a lot: First Flight.
I am going to watch this film though.

Soldierone3801d ago

That has to be one of the best Animated films Ive seen. I like most of the new DC animated films, but that one was fantastic. So was the Superman Doomsday one.

darklordzor3801d ago

Agreed it was fantastic and did justice to the GL comics and franchise.

Sunny_D3801d ago

I also loved Doomsday.DC really need to bring back the animated series for Batman and Superman, and even the Justice League. It would be soo much better than the crap they are bringing out recently.

darklordzor3800d ago

Well they're bringing out that Young Justice League cartoon series that has all of the side-kicks together, but also features the big guys as well. I'm hoping that will be good.

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OnScreen3802d ago

I think the suit is super cheesy! These days your suit needs to look badass, and practical. Not something out of the 70s.

darklordzor3801d ago

It just seems too bright. I expected something a little darker in tone for the costume, but it just seems too....cartoony.

Soldierone3801d ago

Visuals look stunning, im just afraid they went too far with it.

darklordzor3801d ago

Too far how? Like how much they're using it or something else.

Sunny_D3801d ago

I don't think it looks great at all. It doesn't look convincing. I was hoping the green would look natural and not cartoony. But, also the acting seems rushed and corny.

darklordzor3801d ago

Despite the suit looking a little odd, the other visuals seem top notch. I'm just glad to see Kilowog!

blur993801d ago

Every Lantern film or cartoon needs Kilowog.
He can scare away the bad guys.

-Mezzo-3801d ago

Glad that im not the only ome who dint enjoyed this trailer, but i still have hope for the full movie.

Damn you Hollywood.

Sunny_D3800d ago

Yeah, you're not the only one. I felt it was lackluster tbh. But, I'll wait for more trailers.

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