Colin Farrell In Negotiations For Total Recall Remake

Apparently the rumors were true, Colin Farrell was not only offered the lead role in Les Wiseman's upcoming Total Recall remake, but he is also in negotiations currently.

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blur994209d ago

Why redo a an already great action film? It is just fine the way it is.
It would make more sense if it was a very old and poorly done film they saw potential in and wanted to remake.

-Mezzo-4206d ago

Agreed, if they really wanted to do a Remake, they had many options to choose from, maybe they just chose this one becuase it already has a huge fan base.

darklordzor4208d ago

I'm honestly not sure how I feel about this. On one hand I don't want a remake of it, but on another, I'm interested to see what they could do with that story this day and age. I like Colin Farrell thought I know a lot of people don't, but I'm just not sure if this would be the role for him.

blur994199d ago

The first one was so good why should it be done over.
It would make money that is about it.

GodsHand4208d ago

Don't care if it has Colin, or is a remake. Just make sure Jerry Goldsmith does the soundtrack again.