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Horses, once a staple in movies of all types, have sort of fallen the wayside in Hollywood. Nobody’s making westerns anymore and for some reason, no one in fantasy movies seems to ride them anymore. These days it’s all about walking, very slowly, for very long distances. Maybe it’s because Shrek’s too fat to fit on a horse, or maybe it’s because hobbits are too small to ride, or maybe it’s because our wizards and witches have gone modern and now drive cars to Hogwarts.

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Sunny_D4204d ago

This movie actually seems like a younger version of fairy tales where the main characters are teens I suppose. Hmm, it's actually pretty cute. These types of movies always catch my attention.

Sunny_D4203d ago

Wow, will anyone approve this? I mean I need one more story to not be a trainee and then I can also approve stories and report.

darklordzor4202d ago

Just FYI buddy, it really doesn't look that great to the mods when you post comments like that.

Sunny_D4202d ago

It doesn't? Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

darklordzor4201d ago

Yeah, not trying to be rude, but helpful here. Bumping your own comments to get people looking isn't a good thing.

darklordzor4202d ago

Ugh...I just can't seem to muster up any type of excitement for this film. I don't know why, but it feels like we've done this before. Not really looking forward to it.

-Mezzo-4202d ago

Agreed, it just feel like we have seen this before but if its fuuny, it has my money.

Soldierone4202d ago

Looks funny to me, im hoping its not all in the commercials though. Ill be seeing it eventually.

blur994202d ago

It has a bit of humor like Shrek. I would have prefer it to be more serious. That would make it stand out more.

darklordzor4201d ago

Exactly, and it's something we've already seen a lot of (4 Shrek movies). They need something more fresh mixed in, or this will fall in amongst the several other animated films coming out.

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