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Skyline (2010) - Popzara Movie Review

A low-budget alien invasion dud filled with effects that aren't special and unnecessary human melodrama. A complete waste of resources. Full review by Chris Pandolfi.

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-Mezzo-4214d ago

Dear lord, they really hated it.

Sunny_D4214d ago

Man, I knew this movie was going to bomb. How many alien invasion movies do we need? The CGI effects are sooo obvious and the dialogue was VERY cheesy. I'm tired of these apocalyptic movies coming out now a days.

Soldierone4212d ago

I was looking forward to this film, finally seeing another monster movie like Cloverfield. Went to go get tickets, but decide bleh ill look at reviews on my phone. Ended up not seeing it haha....even user reviews for it are bad, not just the critics.

-Mezzo-4212d ago

Lucky you, i hope i had been that lucky when i bought the tickets of, X-Men Origins Wolverine.