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U.S. to Get Limited Edition Briefcase Version of Inception Too

Couch Potato Club:
A couple months back, it was announced that the UK would be getting a limited edition Blu-ray/DVD release of Inception that came in a metal briefcase. A little later, the official announcement came for the US pre-orders of the movie. However, amongst that, there was no mention of that same limited edition Inception coming. Now we can confirm the US will in fact be getting it though.

Less than 2,000 will be available in the US though.

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-Mezzo-4340d ago

Thats great news for the fans in USA, i would have bought this myself, but im low o cash.

JL4339d ago

Ordered mine last night right after writing this story up. I have a feeling those 2,000 will go quick.

-Mezzo-4337d ago

Cool, that something i would love to have. hope you enjoy it.

Sunny_D4339d ago

That is one sweet deal. I loved Inception and I will definitely add it to my Blu Ray collection.

blur994338d ago

It is now sold out. A good buy for people who liked the movie.
A James Bond movie set should include a briefcase too.

JL4338d ago

Yea I figured it would go fast.

-Mezzo-4337d ago

i agree, they should have a limited Edition of The Bond series, i only own Casino Royale Blu-Ray but if they release the whole bundle i an edition like this one i would buy that immediatley.

Soldierone4338d ago

Really cool idea, just dont know why so little supply? 2 thousand? It should be like 20 thousand or something around there. I would of bought it if i had money and they were still availible lol.

JL4338d ago

Well it is "Limited Edition" :P Knowing that special editions like that don't normally sell as well as the standard version, they couldn't do too many lest it wouldn't seem as special, because anybody that wanted one would be able to get one.

I knew they'd sell out really quick though with just 2,000. That's why I placed my order right after writing this story up and before posting it on here :D lol