3 Ways Zack Snyder Can Put Superman Back On Top

With Snyder firmly in the director's chair to bring Man of Steel back to the big screen, many have wondered if Snyder is really up to the task. TheMoviePool takes a look at what's come before, Snyder's own work, and comes up with three ways to make sure the new film returns Superman to his glory days.

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-Mezzo-3969d ago

I was one of the very few people who liked, "Superman Returns', it certainly wasn't up to the standards of other Comic Books Movies, but it was good.

As a big childhood 'Superman' fan i cannot wait what he does with this Reboot. (it's A Reboot Right).

JL3969d ago

I actually liked it for the most part too. Wasn't the greatest, but I'm not of the mind that I absolutely hated it like most seem to be. Routh as Superman was absolutely brilliant.

And yes, it is a reboot.

darklordzor3968d ago

I was right there with you. I really liked the movie as well.

-Mezzo-3966d ago

Damn, where were you guys when i was being convicted of having bad taste in movies, when i was the only one in the whole group who enjoyed it. lol

Sunny_D3969d ago

How about they make the director as great as Christopher Nolan? Look what he did with the Batman series? Now, I just hope that one day they have a real life action movie with all of the characters in them.

JL3969d ago

As much of a Nolan fan as I am (one of my favorite modern directors absolutely), he can't do EVERYTHING lol He does have his hands full with other things (like Batman 3).

But...he is producing this, so that could be a good help.

blur993969d ago

He directed "300." I'm impressed. However there are so many comic based films hope it can stand out from the crowd.

JL3969d ago

I loved 300. The style on it was great. He also did the Dawn of the Dead remake which I loved. Even his other movies, while not being the greatest, all looked great. I'm rather excited about Snyder being behind the movie (and under Nolan's guidance no less).

blur993969d ago

His style really is real distinctive.
300 had a very dark atmosphere. Now I wonder who gets the role of Clark?

JL3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

John Cena. lol No, I'm kidding....kinda.

I'm hoping Snyder brings that dark atmosphere to Superman. It could make for a very cool film.

blur993966d ago

If they make a Doomsday story then that would fit the darker tone perfectly. Maybe too extreme though.

JL3966d ago

Well I didn't necessarily mean as dark as 300. Just darker than normal for Superman.