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Big-Screen Merlin in the Works

Heat Vision:
Legendary wizard Merlin is being conjured up for the big screen.

Working Title is developing a take on the magician, having picked up a pitch from author-screenwriter Jay Basu that brings Merlin into a contemporary setting.

Other details are being kept under a cloak of invisibility.

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darklordzor4207d ago

Why do you have to put the man in modern times. They've tried that tactic before (Sorceror's Apprentice) and it didn't work. The legend of the man in his times is what makes him so interesting, why change that?

blur994207d ago

Yep. Part of what makes Merlin and the legend great is Camelot and the whole time period. They are taking a big risk with putting him in the present.

JL4206d ago

I'm not opposed to the idea at all. It just IS one of those things that absolutely will be a hit or a miss. Like I wrote in my write-up of the story, if it's a miss we definitely will have another Sorcerer's Apprentice on our hands. But modernizing things doesn't always turn out bad. When I heard about Sherlock Holmes being modernized, using modern technology and high-tech gadgets, etc, I was very hesitant. But BBC did it and did it well. So, you never know.

I don't think it's the Camelot thing that makes him such a great character. Rather, that's just what he's associated with because he place a great "side-story" to the Camelot/King Arthur story (and that story is what appeals to us most). Merlin just being a kick-ass wizard is the appealing part of the man himself. I think he could be modernized. It will just take a delicate touch (and somebody that understands Sorcerer's Apprentice didn't do it right).

blur994203d ago

But part of the fantasy is not only the wizard and his magic its also the whole world that he lives in.

The knights, monster, wizards,castle, and damsels add so much to the this fantasy.