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Alien Invasion Movies: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

It’s a matter of debate whether there is life out there amidst the array of bright stars and planets. Some swear there are UFOs and the government is just covering it up in a grand conspiracy to keep people feeling safe. Others think it is a bunch of mumbo jumbo cooked up by eccentric types and hillbillies confusing rockets and airplanes for alien spacecraft.

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-Mezzo-3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

I really didn't liked 'Mars Attacks', District 9 on the other hand is a AAA+ movie, everything about this movie is spectacular, the plot of the movie could have lead it to the Trash-Bin if had not been executed properly, but the director & the cast did a spectacular job in making it one of my All time favorite Movie.

I really have high hopes for 'Skyline'.

Sunny_D3969d ago

I'm really pumped for District 9 sequel. The first one was awesome especially with the cliffhanger ending.

darklordzor3970d ago

Mars Attacks was interesting and overall I really liked it. District 9 was pitch perfect. Pretty good list though overall.

-Mezzo-3969d ago

It was nothing more than a good way to spend a boring afternoon/night & i enjoyed it too 'to some extinct', but overall it wasn't "Best Alien Invasion" list good.

blur993970d ago

Where is Predator.
It was great. All of the team members were memorable. And the story was good too. But maybe it is not really an "alien invasion"?

-Mezzo-3969d ago

Predator, was a surprise for me, the Alien vs Predator crap was the reason i had no hope for 'Predators' was it was a great movie, a movie that did justice to it's name.

Though i wouldn't add it to the list. but the Movie was amazing no doubt.

Sunny_D3969d ago

I've yet to watch Predator. I heard it was really good. I was skeptical due to the past movies, but I might rent it soon.