'Simpsons' Renewed for 23rd Season

HollywoodReporter:" Simpsons did it, again.

Fox has officially ordered a 23rd season of The Simpsons, ensuring that the animation hit will reach -- and go beyond -- its 500th episode.

Fox previously renewed the series in 2009, which gave the network and producer Gracie Films the chance to opt in for a 23rd season. Both sides have indeed opted in.

“Like many 22-year-olds, The Simpsons is extremely happy remaining at home, on Fox, and hopes it doesn't have to go out into the real world for many years to come,” said exec producer Al Jean."

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blur993139d ago

Its been that long. Amazing.
I haven't caught it in a long time.

One my favorite characters is the Comic Book Guy.

darklordzor3139d ago

It's still pretty good too. I know a lot of people say it's lost it's edge, but the more new episodes I see the better it gets. They're still doing outlandish things and Homer said F*uck the other day.

Comic book Guy is still awesome and the episode a couple weeks ago where he was a big focus, was hilarious.

blur993139d ago

They must be doing a great job writing because to keep a show that good so long takes a lot of talent.

-Mezzo-3138d ago

The most amazing part of this show is that, it's Humor never got OLD, there hasn't been a single episode that didn't enjoyed.

-Mezzo-3139d ago

23rd, that is insane, i amazing how it never got OLD & the humor never died, Homer truly is the biggest Character in the history of Film & Television.

Sunny_D3138d ago

It's amazing the records this cartoon holds. But, I lost the taste for the cartoon once the new century had started. They are just not the same as I remember. It seems to be rehashing a lot of old ideas.

Soldierone3138d ago

I dont really like this show that much anymore. I don't know what it is, I just cant sit through it now.

I personally thought Spongebob was gonna overtake the animation crown and become something like Mickey, which it is, but I want to see it last longer than Simpsons. Im suprised spinoffs hasn't started from either of these shows yet. Even Family Guy did this.

Sunny_D3138d ago

One cartoon I wouldn't want to go on with is Spongebob. Especially, with the more recent episodes tending to homo sexual fantasies between Spongebob and Patrick.

-Mezzo-3135d ago

I personally enjoy Spongebob, but its been a long time since i last saw an episode, Homo fantasies between Patrick and Spongebob, damn kids shouldnt be whatching that.

JL3137d ago

I'm with you. I lost interest in The Simpsons long ago and never have got back into it. Family Guy and South Park sorta took over for me.

Spongebob I never cared for either. Thought that was always stupid.

blur993135d ago

I think spongebob is for the toddlers while the Simpsons is for anyone except small kids.

meganick3137d ago

The Simpsons has been on longer than many of it's viewers have been alive, and it probably has a few more seasons left in it. That's groovy.