TMP Reviews: RED

TheMoviePool takes a look at RED, and while some critics found the film lacking in some areas, overall TMP found it a fun experience. It's a CIA film that doesn't take itself too seriously. While some of the actors could have been used a little better, the performances in general really deliver.

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-Mezzo-4589d ago

To be honest i was 100% sure that this movie would not be good, reason was, all the Heavy cast members that were in it, we all know that Movies that have huge Cast are more than likely to leave a bad taste.

But according to the Critics & some of my friends who have already seen it, its really good, i'll probably see it once the DVD comes out.

darklordzor4585d ago

Worth a shot for sure. Maybe not the biggest movie out there, but it's a fun film that should be viewed at least once...if anything for the fight scene with Willis.