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Movie Trailer: 'Winnie the Pooh'

For the first time in 35 years, Winnie the Pooh is coming back to the big screen and Disney has released the first couple photos from the hand-drawn animated return.

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darklordzor4587d ago

Not going to lie...the trailer (mostly the song) had me getting a little choked up. I can't really place why it did, but something just started tugging at those heartstrings. This looks like a very fun story. Can't wait to share this with my little one.

blur994587d ago

Winnie is definitely a classic cartoon character and it looks like a good movie. However I wonder if it can do as well as the fancy computer animated films.

-Mezzo-4587d ago

It certainly is a Classic, but it is also one of the Cartoon series i never got into, i caught it a few time on Television & it never really looked interesting to me.

But i'll definitely watch this one.

Sunny_D4587d ago

Winnie the Pooh was such an awesome cartoon when I watched it as a kid. It always makes me feel fuzzy inside when I think about it.

-Mezzo-4586d ago

Guess i missed out on one of the Great Cartoons ever.

Sunny_D4587d ago

I really like the old school animation they are going for. I'm tired of all the CGI type movies taking over Disney and others. I liked the classics for what they are. Hand drawn.

darklordzor4587d ago

Agreed, and it looks really good! The hunny was a little off, but all things considered, the animation style was excellent. Really looked like sketches out of the book.

blur994587d ago

I would say the animation and characters have a kind of charm. I also loved the theme song for the Saturday morning show.

Sunny_D4586d ago

Bubbles for both of you for being Old school! :D

-Mezzo-4586d ago

I know it completely different Movie, but i cannot wait for the Details of, already planed 'Thundercats" movie.

Sunny_D4586d ago

I gotta get up
I gotta get goin'
I gonna see a friend of mine

He's round and he's fuzzy, I love him because he's just...

Pooh beah, Winnie the Pooh bear
Lookin' for fun, chasing some honeybees
Pooh bear, I know he's out there
Rumbly tumbly
Climbin' a honey tree

Fun never ends for us, we're so adventurous
Least every now and again
But when you're alone, and there's nobody home
It's nice to be able
To count on a friend like

Pooh bear, Winnie the Pooh Bear
Wherever you go, oh won't you take me please
Pooh Bear, I gotta be the-e-ere
It's me and it's you
My silly ol' Winnie the Pooooooooooh

Childhood memories tears*