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Grading The Spider-Man Reboot So Far

As people learn more about Sony's planned reboot of the Spider-Man franchise, the question must be asked: are fans just setting themselves up for more disappointment? Can this film possibly match the hype already surrounding it over a year and a half before it's even released? TMP takes a look at what's known so far and grades each aspect.

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-Mezzo-4339d ago

So Far, everything related to it has disappointed me, as a big fan of the Comics & the first 3 movies i really hope this isn't a complete disaster.

darklordzor4339d ago

Agreed...While I'm digging the casting choices for the most part, the crew behind it isn't really looking that great. I really just want to hear more of the story. If it's the whiny BS from Spider-Man Ultimate, I'm definitely out.

Soldierone4339d ago

I think its going in the right direction and at least opening alot of ideas for the future. They wont be tied down to him getting married, and allowed for more emotional stories to be portrayed. Give Peter a reason to be emo for a half hour.

Sunny_D4338d ago

I really think I can't think of any other actor to play Peter Parker other than Tobey Mcguire. I guess I became to accustomed as him being Spider man. The new guy looks like someone who will fit in for the twilight crowd.

Soldierone4337d ago

He was a good Spiderman, yeah, but its not hard to pull this role off.

Spiderman wasn't a complete quiet nerd, around his friends he was loud and outgoing. He also had tons of smart remarks when fighting bad guys, and the first three films didn't capture this concept at all.

blur994339d ago

I don't if its certain that Andrew Garfield is going to be Spidey but
I think he is a bad choice.
I can't see him as Spidey.

darklordzor4339d ago

He's actually been confirmed for a while. In fact he was the first casting confirmation.

blur994339d ago

I hope he does a good job.
The first 3 movies have been great. Spidey is such a great comic hero. This movie has to do a a lot to be good as the first 3.
Tobey was really great as Peter.

-Mezzo-4337d ago

Same Here, i saw him in 'The Social Network' and i was thinking about him being in a Spidermans costume & the Mind Picture wasn't good.

I hope the real one is.

wildcat4339d ago

I wonder who Mary Jane will be?

blur994338d ago

I don't think she is in it.
It takes place before Peter Parker met her.

darklordzor4338d ago

Yeah, they've pretty much already confirmed Mary Jane won't be making an appearance, instead it's Gwen Stacy.

Sunny_D4338d ago

Yeah, they reboot apparently will try to follow the comics more closely than the 1st 3 movies that have already come out. But, the new actor playing Peter Parker doesn't seem like the right nerdy type.

-Mezzo-4338d ago

Well, at least i found some good news related to this Reboot.

tunaks14336d ago

not digging the reboot at all.
Maybe if they waited a couple more years, the last one came out 3 years ago!