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Trailer - Oba: The Last Samurai (Taiheiyo no Kiseki: Fox to Yobareta Otoko)

Inspired by a novel authored by former U.S. soldier Don Jones, the film focuses on a Japanese captain named Sakae Oba, aka “Fox” (Yutaka Takenouchi) who leads on of the last remaining units in Saipan. Oba and his troops employed guerrilla tactics to hold out against overwhelming odds before finally surrendering in December 1945, 3 months after Japan had surrendered to US forces.

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darklordzor3972d ago

This actually sounds and looks pretty interesting. At first I wasn't really going to give it a glance but this seems like it has some potential.

-Mezzo-3971d ago

Agreed, it sure looks interested, i didn't hear anything about this Movie up until this trailer.

blur993971d ago

Nice to see it takes place from another view of a Japanese soldier.
That is a different.

GodsHand3970d ago

Seems ok, but I thought Tom Cruise was the last samuria :p.