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Sands of Time Running Out For New 'Dune'

From Deadline:

A ticking clock situation is playing out at Paramount Pictures over the sci-fi classic Dune, one that is emblematic of how studio infatuation for branded fare has brought with it the added burden of pleasing rights holders who not only get gross deals but also a big say in how movies are made and released.

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darklordzor4589d ago

This just absolutely breaks my heart. I love Dune and it's a book I re-read frequently. I really want to see this happen, but I don't want to see it rushed out either. Guess I won't be able to have both.

-Mezzo-4589d ago

When it comes to Hollywood, you never get both, but i really hope that its a good movie, for the sake of fans such as yourself.

darklordzor4589d ago

I know it rarely happens, but at this point I'd be glad to see it on the big screen again. Everything else on it is looking so dated...

blur994589d ago

The original film was good.
Sad to see chance for new one vanishing.

Haven't read the novel.

darklordzor4589d ago

I liked the first one as well, even though it didn't follow the book very well at all. I really loved the mini-series Sci-Fi channel did, but I've been longing for a return to the big screen.

Definitely read the novel, it's unlike anything else.

-Mezzo-4588d ago

Thats the whole problem, they never follows the story line that had already been success with he Fans, Video Game movies are also facing the same Problem.

Stick To The Original Story & Give me a good Silent Hill Movie (Hollywood)

blur994588d ago

Books are really hard to adapt into film.
The LOTR films are rare success.
Peter Jackson is great.

darklordzor4588d ago

Yes, books are hard to adapt but I wouldn't say LoTR is a rare occurence. There are several great examples:

Harry Potter
Jurassic Park (or most Michael Crichton adaptations)
Twilight (even though I hate it, it's hard to deny it's success)
The Notebook (or most Nicholas Sparks adaptation)
Fight Club
The Shawshank Redemption
The Green Mile
A Clockwork Orange
The Godfather

There are several more.

blur994587d ago

The 2 first Godfather movies were great in every way.
I fear reading Mario Puzo's novel. I think I might be let
down because the movie is so good.

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-Mezzo-4587d ago

I never knew it was based on a Book, it must have been a Kick A$$ book.

darklordzor4586d ago

It sure as hell was. Actually thought it was better than the movie, although the movie did a great job of sticking close to it.