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The Women of Tyler Perry's 'For Colored Girls'

TMP takes a look at the various actresses in Tyler Perry's latest film and the unique qualities each women can bring to their respective roles.

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Sunny_D4340d ago

A chick flick? hmmm, LIKE OMG! I LOVE THEM!

-Mezzo-4340d ago

lol, i never got into Chick Flicks, they're just putting in all the wrong ideas in the brains of teen girls.

darklordzor4339d ago

Ha! All women Mezzo, not just Teenagers.

-Mezzo-4339d ago

Agreed, i wanted to say All Women but was afraid of being called a Sexist. :P

Sunny_D4337d ago

Just incase no one saw through it, I was just joking. I'm too manly for chick flicks.

blur994339d ago

They are great aren't they.

darklordzor4339d ago

You know, I haven't really cared for any of Tyler Perry's movies. I appreciate what he's able to do as a filmmaker and pumping all of these movies out, but none of them ever really impress me.