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CPC: 10 Sequels That Surpassed Their Originals

Couch Potato Club:
Lately, it seems everything coming out of Hollywood is either a sequel or a remake. In fact, it’s become the go-to answer for many studios. The problem is most of the time these sequels turn out to be less than stellar movies that are simply made to cash in on a name. Too few and far between do we have truly good sequels that do the original any justice. That’s why, today, we’re going to go over sequels that have actually turned out better than their predecessor.

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barboza3973d ago

The only movie I have to take issue with on this list is Desperado. I don't really think you can compare it to El Mariachi because the original was made with a 1-2 person crew and $7,000. The sequel had millions.

Other than that the list is great.

blur993972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

I love National Lampoon's Christmas.
I always have to watch it during the holidays.
Go Griswalds.

JL3972d ago

Me too. Every holiday. I can remember having this on VHS when I was younger. We wore the hell out of that tape lol

blur993972d ago

I watched Its a Wonderful Life as well too.
But its bittersweet though while National Lampoon's Christmas is pure sweet.

-Mezzo-3972d ago

Great list, but i would have Ranked 'Back To The Future" higher,

GodsHand3971d ago

What, no Lord of the Rings?

blur993971d ago

Maybe that was different because it was a kinda like a 3 part movie rather than 3 separate films.

JL3971d ago

First: nope, has nothing to do with it being a trilogy. Desperado was part of a trilogy. Kill Bill was technically only the second half of one movie.

Now, LOTR is easy. Most people mention Two Towers when talking about better sequels. So, like I mentioned, I didn't want to necessarily go with the obvious/typical ones.

Also, I enjoyed all the Lord of the Rings almost equally. Though I will admit the first was the weaker of the three. But I think this is more out of necessity than it was that it was just worse. The first in a trilogy has to lay the groundwork for the movies that follow. Introducing characters, laying the foundation of the story, etc. This almost inevitably makes the first in a planned trilogy to be weaker than its successor.

That being said, another reason for not mentioning LOTR: I really can't decide which one of the sequels I liked more. I know everybody talks about Two Towers being the favorite, but I enjoyed Return of the King just as much.

GodsHand3970d ago

Well then should should of had Aliens in that list. I found the Aliens, far better then Alien.

JL3969d ago

Again...I was going for the "non-popular" lists. When asked about best sequels, Aliens is another one of those that people automatically go to.